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​I found few passions, I focus on over the years which are – business and writing intriguing words & beautiful sentences (Chatting). This is what led to my current career path as an Entrepreneur and Digital Customer Agent (Live Chat).

I was one of those that had a little paying job as a Financial Accountant. I went back to my Business and got a freelance job as a backup plan to fund the business.

My expertise is in the world of personal growth, intelligence, entrepreneurship and customer relations. Thanks to my practical study in Business and Accounting. All these has led to opportunities that earn me income.

I have been chatting on different course for years, adding value to people’s life. I am friendly and approachable and thus have excelled in my professional chat service as a Digital Customer Agent.

My three Jobs offers since after school – Secretary, Accountant and Digital Customer Care Agent on an international website were gotten via chatting before I get called for physical or digital interview. Social media and Positive Language brought real opportunities to me. It was an interest that now earns me a living.

I admit I love meeting real people and professionals in their careers, so it’s pretty easy to translate it to chatting online. I could remember my first phone, bought for me by my dad, was Sagem V-55. My chat fits the image I present. Thank God I was able to make smart choices early in my career through meeting valuable people online.

My freelance job as a Digital Customer Agent takes off the pressure of pulling funds from my growing business and also allows me meet and communicate effectively with people in different parts of the world.

I was able to project my passion into a professional path. You know what it feels like working from home on your computer, chatting with clients, while grabbing your popcorn and drink, enjoying attending to people’s need and sealing up deals in few minutes. Then getting paid online three times of what was your pay at your former job.

I am a lady of many interest, I am obsessed mostly with chatting, writing and meeting new people. 

On this note, I have been able to help solve problems with professional techniques that each business or person needs.

Make good use of social media for positive things, post great contents, have a good attitude/manner of approach. It might just be a Slide to your DM, just like mine that earned me the dollar-paying job, that could take you higher. Have a worth reading profile. Simple but Intriguing words.

  • Now are you ready to Hire me? Call my digits, let’s see what we can so together. 


WhatsApp/Call +2348020697861 

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