People always wonder how Jesus excelled at almost everything he does.

Aside the fact that he was the Son of God with Unlimited Powers, he had great business skills.

In one of his book, Robert Kiyosaki explained that you can actually make money and have a smooth business using a business model called OPT and OPM.

OPT stands for Other Peoples Time.

This is using peoples time to make your business run.

OPM means other peoples money.

The model Jesus used more was OPT. He uses the time of his disciples to make the heaven business run smoothly.

He understands Team Building

How does this applies to your business?

As a business person, you are not meant to do everything yourself.

Real, successful and productive businessmen are those who outsource to other people while they focus on the important thing.

To be successful in your business, you need to learn how to use peoples time…

Build a great team that you will never worry about it falling. How?

Make it a rewarding and partnering relationship.

Jesus never behaved like a boss to his disciples, he was a leader.

Everything they do, he took Lead

That is when people can work for and with you, willingly and you both have a happy business.

Try it in your business today, look for areas you aren’t too good at and you need someone, find people who cab fill in the position… Then add value to them such that, you won’t pay a dime to get their assistance.

Pay with value and you both enjoy value together.

Keep succeeding….

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