What Comes to Mind, When People hear Fashion Accessories?


Fashion accessories are items that supplements a wearer’s outfit. Examples of fashion accessories are handbags, jewelry, belts, watches, ties, stockings, e.t.c. 

I will be focusing on the most functionally carried fashion accessory amongst women, which is “Handbag” There are several kinds of handbags ranging from Tote bags, Box bags, Shoulder bags, Bucket bags, Hobo bags, Barrel bags, etc. 

Handbags does much more than the role they fulfil on one’s garment. It conveys your style and worth. Amongst the Luxury hand bag brands in Nigeria are the Likes of “Femihandbags, Zashadu and Gidan Nodza”. As the leading accessory designers in our clime, they have been featured on many international maga-zines. 

For most Women, their handbags is used to show off their taste and Luxury life. You can wear less ex-pensive clothes, but carrying a good handbag makes people know your taste and worth. 

Investing in a good handbag sustains you in both good and bad times and you don’t have to worry once the leather is good. 

You can also save money by getting the everyday color handbags depending on your choice of design in Black, Nude, Gray, Brown and Biege as they will definitely go on most outfits. 

Featured on Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 In Life Plus Africa maiden Newsletter 

Anita Berry modeling ABIKEREDEFINED Bag.


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